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Investors for Spain

A group of experienced, International business people are seeking investors to invest in Spain. On offer are a number of exciting projects from new builds and land purchases through quality hotel developments to existing hotels takeovers. There are exciting plans for cruise ship hotels, marina expansion and upgrades, retirement communities, golf courses, theme parks, leisure interests and sports centres.

investors article

With the Scandinavian community in mind, plans have already been proposed for a full size, indoor ice rink, to specifically cater to Scandinavian ice hockey teams and player development. Football pitches, academy training and five star, Hotel Spa complexes, are also in development.

• SEED INVESTMENT between 50,000 euro – 250,000 euro

Seed money can be used to pay for preliminary operations such as market research and product development. Investors can be the founders themselves, using savings and loans. They can be family members and friends of the founders. Investors can also be outside angel investors, venture capitalists, accredited investors or government programmes. Seed capital can be distinguished from venture capital in that venture capital investments tend to come from institutional investors and have a tendency to involve significantly more money. They are usually an; ‘arm’s length’ transaction and much greater complexity in the contracts and corporate structure that accompany the investment.

Seed funding involves a higher risk than normal venture capital funding since the investor does not have an existing project to evaluate for funding. Hence, the investments made are usually lower (in the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands of euro range) as against normal venture capital investment (in the hundreds of thousands to the millions of euro range), for similar levels of stake in the company.

This type of investment may be of more interest to someone who will invest in a worthwhile project connected to a leisure or sporting business project that could spring a business opportunity into action.

• INVESTORS PROGRAM between 250,000 euro – 1,000,000 euro


An individual investor or ‘people collective’, who allocate capital with the expectation of a financial return. These types of investments include equity, debt securities and real estate. This definition makes no distinction between those in the primary and secondary markets. That is, someone who provides a business with capital and someone who buys a ‘stock’ are both investors. An investor who owns a stock is known as a shareholder. ‘Cash Cow’ businesses, with high growth potential in the leisure sector, with local municipalities offering land or reduced rental terms for cash investors, typically fall into this sector.

• INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS between 5m euro – 200m euro

We also seek organisations that pool together large sums of money and invest those sums in securities, real estate property and other investment assets. They can also include operating companies, which decide to invest their profits, to some degree, in these types of assets. Typical investors include banks, insurance companies, retirement or pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds. Their role in the economy is to act as highly specialized investors on behalf of others.

An institutional investor can have some influence in the management of corporations because they will be entitled to exercise the voting rights within a company. Thus, they can actively engage in corporate governance. Furthermore, because institutional investors have the freedom to buy and sell shares, they can play a large part in deciding which companies stay solvent and which go under. Influencing the conduct of listed companies and providing them with capital are all part of the job of investment management.

Many investment opportunities are available for Hotels and Marinas plus luxury, high-rise residential resorts. These include developments with plots and planning permission that are ideal for retirement communities, plus ready built, but unopened, retirement village resorts are also available.

We have many other investment opportunities around Spain and internationally, we also have contacts with professionals who can source everything from luxury yachts to cruise ships, exotic and classic cars, diamonds, precious stones and custom jewellery to rare and limited edition art and collectables.

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